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How to Care For Your Trees

Hello, my name is Roger and this is my new tree service blog. I am lucky enough to live out in the Australian Bush which means that I have plenty of room for growing fruit trees. There is nothing better than tasting an apple which you have grown yourself. However, fruit trees also require a lot of love and care. I am not an expert gardener and so when I moved into this place, I really didn't have a clue how to manage an orchard. Thankfully, the local tree service have really helped me out and taught me some cool things about tree care.


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The benefits of removing a tree from your property

It might seem like a shame to have a tree on your property cut down. However, there are a surprising number of benefits to doing so. Read on to find out more.

It may protect your property from storm-related damage

If your property is situated in a region where heavy storms occur on a regular basis, cutting down the trees that are in close proximity to your house could end up saving you a lot of money and heartache in the future. Just one or two strong gusts of winds are all it takes for some trees to topple over; this is especially true in cases where the tree is already structurally unstable, due to being very old or diseased.

The impact of a heavy, fully mature tree crashing down onto your home's roof could be powerful enough to cause major, potentially irreparable damage. In this situation, not only would you be forced to pay for the installation of an entirely new roof, but you would also need to find alternative accommodation for you and your family whilst the repair work is carried out. If you're not prepared to spend thousands of dollars on a new roof and endure the general upheaval and stress that a toppled tree could cause, then it's worth investing in the services of a tree removal specialist.

It may help you to sell your home

If you are contemplating putting your home on the market in a few months' time, it might be wise to remove some of the trees from the property before you list it for sale, as in certain circumstances, cutting down trees can greatly enhance the appearance of a house.

A visually appealing exterior is one of the keys to making a quick sale, as prospective buyers tend to be more inclined to take an interest in a house which looks good from the outside.

Whilst a mature, healthy and well-trimmed tree could very well improve the appearance of a property, overgrown, diseased ones can detract from a house's beauty. If the trees in your garden are covered in cavities and fungi or are extremely overgrown, to the point where they hang over the roof and leave foliage, bird droppings and twigs on the shingles, then it's a good idea to have it cut down. Likewise, if there are beautiful views of the surrounding area which are being obscured by the trees in your garden, then it could be worth having them trimmed back or removed.