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Hello, my name is Roger and this is my new tree service blog. I am lucky enough to live out in the Australian Bush which means that I have plenty of room for growing fruit trees. There is nothing better than tasting an apple which you have grown yourself. However, fruit trees also require a lot of love and care. I am not an expert gardener and so when I moved into this place, I really didn't have a clue how to manage an orchard. Thankfully, the local tree service have really helped me out and taught me some cool things about tree care.



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Tree Removal: 3 Questions to Ask the Tree Service

The trees in your garden can help to create spectacular views while also sheltering your property from the effects of bad weather. The tree roots will also help to prevent erosion of the soil, as they anchor the soil in place and help to retain moisture within the ground. However, if a tree is damaged by high winds or is infected by a disease, it may begin to pose a risk to your family and your property. If this is the case, you may need to call in a specialist tree service so they can remove the tree. Below is a guide to 3 questions you may want to ask the tree service contractor.

Can I use the timber to build furniture or firewood?

If a tree needs to be removed due to the presence of disease or pest, the contractor will probably recommend that you do not use the timber as firewood. This is because diseased or infested wood may emit harmful gases when burned. However, if the timber is healthy, you should be OK to use to fuel a wood burning stove.

If you plan to use the timber of the felled tree for a woodworking project, you should also check that it is suitable. Timber which is diseased or infested by pest will be weakened which means it probably isn't going to be strong enough to be used as part of a woodwork project. Also, if you introduce infested wood into your home, the pest may spread and damage wooden furniture and furnishings with your property.

Will the soil need to be treated once the tree has been removed?

In some cases, the contractor may recommend that the soil which was around the roots of the tree is treated once the tree has been removed. The treatment involves adding clay or lime to the soil and turning the ground over. Doing this will help to keep the soil compact and prevents the formation of a sinkhole. 

Can I relocate the tree?

If the tree which is being removed is otherwise in good health, a tree removal company may be able to replant it elsewhere on your property. Replanting is generally only an option when a tree is healthy but poses some risk to a nearby structure. If the tree health of the tree is in any way compromised, the tree service will probably recommend that you have it removed and destroyed.

If you would like to find out more about tree removals, you should contact a tree service today.