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How to Care For Your Trees

Hello, my name is Roger and this is my new tree service blog. I am lucky enough to live out in the Australian Bush which means that I have plenty of room for growing fruit trees. There is nothing better than tasting an apple which you have grown yourself. However, fruit trees also require a lot of love and care. I am not an expert gardener and so when I moved into this place, I really didn't have a clue how to manage an orchard. Thankfully, the local tree service have really helped me out and taught me some cool things about tree care.



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Important Questions to Ask a Tree Service Company

It's never recommended that homeowners try to handle their own tree lopping or removal, as trying to prune and dig up even small trees can be very dangerous for you and for your property. Branches can bounce in any direction and land where you least expect them, and they can also slide or snap backwards and cause you physical harm. Tree lopping that's done to keep trees healthy is also more technical than you may realize, as cutting the branches the wrong way or cutting off too many branches can actually do more harm than good. When you are ready to hire a tree service company, note a few important questions to ask so you know what's involved in their work and so nothing is overlooked.

Ask if they can handle permits

The permits needed to service trees will vary according to each area; in some cases, you may not need a permit to remove a dead tree, but may need a permit to do any major lopping. You may also need a permit to remove a healthy tree, even if it's just to relocate it to another area of your property. A tree service company should know the permits needed in your area and should be able to secure them on your behalf, before the work begins.

Ask about your options for a tree that is interfering with plumbing pipes

If you have a tree on your property that is interfering with plumbing pipes, ask a tree service what they can do; don't simply tell them that you want the tree removed! A tree service company may be able to trim the roots or redirect them so that they will grow in a different direction and are not a danger to the pipes.

Ask what they do with waste

When a tree is trimmed or removed, there is typically a lot of wood that needs to be disposed of; a tree service company may remove it for you, but ask what they do with it after that. The wood should be recycled or disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner, rather than just burned or tossed in a landfill.

Ask about how to change the appearance of a tree

A tree service company can thin out the branches of a tree so it's not so bushy at the top, without making it look choppy or unnatural. They can also selectively remove lower branches to give the tree the look of having a longer trunk. If you just want to change the appearance of a tree, ask a tree service company what they can do to assist, as you might be surprised at your options.