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Hello, my name is Roger and this is my new tree service blog. I am lucky enough to live out in the Australian Bush which means that I have plenty of room for growing fruit trees. There is nothing better than tasting an apple which you have grown yourself. However, fruit trees also require a lot of love and care. I am not an expert gardener and so when I moved into this place, I really didn't have a clue how to manage an orchard. Thankfully, the local tree service have really helped me out and taught me some cool things about tree care.



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A Need for Driveway-Friendly Trees: 4 Trees That Won't Litter or Destroy Your Driveway

Pulling into a driveway lined with attractive, shade-giving trees that add curb appeal to your home is infinitely more welcoming than arriving home to a bare strip of concrete. Several studies have demonstrated that just looking at trees can reduce stress levels. However, not all trees are compatible with driveways.

The last thing you want when arriving home from a busy day at work is to find that your driveway is being attacked by tree roots and littered with seed pods and leaves. When choosing a tree to plant beside your driveway then, it is important that you look further than just their appearance. Here are 6 trees that will add to, not take away from, the appeal of your driveway.

Gingko Maidenhair Tree

Known botanically as Gingko balobo, these ancient trees once covered the earth over 200 million years ago when dinosaurs roamed the earth. Compatible with the Australian climate from Sydney to Perth, these fan-shaped beauties are light green in summer with their leaves turning golden yellow in autumn.

Purchase the male variety to avoid the smelly, messy fruit drop that females of this species produce. It also has a deep root system making it compatible with nearby concrete.

Japanese Crepe Myrtle

Although much less known than the others of its genus, the Japanese crepe myrtle is ideal for planting near driveways when space is limited. Because of their deep root system, they pose no risk to concrete structures and produce charming white flowers with a gentle flushing of pink.

Disease and cold resistant, the Japanese myrtle is an attractive and safe addition to any driveway.

Arizona Cypress

With a pleasing silvery-green canopy, these Christmas tree-shaped conifers don't just look like Christmas; they also give off an aromatic scent, especially during rain, that reminds you of Christmas.

Unlike most conifers, these Arizona cypresses do not produce needles and so your driveway will not be covered in needles every autumn. Compatible with most Australian climates, your driveway is safe in the company of these trees.

Callery Pear

Unlike their frail cousins, these ornamental pear trees are ideal for driveways as they require very little maintenance and pose little threat to nearby concrete. In spring, they produce brilliant white flowers and in autumn light up the area with their bright crimson leaves. Callery pears are also compatible with most Australian climates and are disease and pest resistant.

If you are about to go shopping for some trees to brighten up your driveway, ensure you do your research and ask lots of questions before making a purchase. 

For more information, contact a local wholesale nursery.