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Hello, my name is Roger and this is my new tree service blog. I am lucky enough to live out in the Australian Bush which means that I have plenty of room for growing fruit trees. There is nothing better than tasting an apple which you have grown yourself. However, fruit trees also require a lot of love and care. I am not an expert gardener and so when I moved into this place, I really didn't have a clue how to manage an orchard. Thankfully, the local tree service have really helped me out and taught me some cool things about tree care.



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Three Essential Precautions for Tree Stump Removal

Stump removal is an essential process after felling a tree. If this remnant is on your property, you should make plans for immediate elimination. If a tree stump is allowed to remain in the ground, it will ruin the beauty of the landscape. Also, tree stumps can be dangerous because they create tripping hazards and encourage the growth of harmful microorganisms and even pests like termites.

Under ideal circumstances, it is advisable to engage a tree service for professional stump removal. Their expertise is invaluable for this dangerous task. However, if you are interested in DIY work, it is possible to remove the stump with the right tools and solutions. Here are some precautions to consider for safe stump removal.

Choose the Right Method

You should choose the best technique for removing the stump from your property. The right method for the process will depend on your capabilities, environment and the condition of the stump. If you have some experience with general equipment, you might be able to handle the stump removal process using a grinder. Grinders are efficient in cutting away the remnant of the stump. However, they are heavy and can be difficult to manoeuvre.

If you are not interested in using a stump, you can opt to use simple tools like mattocks, axes and shovels for the task. This manual process involves digging around the stump and cutting away the roots of the stump. The approach is usually quite safe, but it can be labour intensive. The other methods for stump removal are using chemicals and burning. These techniques are simple, but you must be careful not to cause damage to the surroundings.

Use Tools and Chemicals Correctly

After choosing your preferred removal method, it is important to check the instructions on using your equipment, tools or chemicals. A lot of mishaps occur because of failure to use grinders and decomposition chemicals as recommended. For instance, when using a grinder, you should check the instructions on settings. The wrong speed or placement will lead to the creation of dangerous projectiles when removing the stump. For chemical removal, use the optimal amount.

Acquire Protective Gear

Finally, you should acquire personal protective equipment for the stump removal work. Where possible, you should cover your entire body in appropriate gear. In simple terms, you should wear a safety helmet, goggles, gloves and tough work boots. Earplugs and general protective clothes are also useful when using loud and dangerous equipment like grinders and power saws.